Proofing Galleries for Artistic Life Photography are Available Here . . .

All images are copyrighted by Artistic Life Photography.

This feature allows you to view proofs of your portrait session online. 

If you have used Artistic Life Photography's services, you can view your proofs online at the

Event Proofs web site by clicking the link below, then find the name of your event listed on

the Event Proofs web site.  (**Clicking will open a new window.**)


Ordering online can be done through PayPal (which also includes credit card

processing not Pay Pal related). 

If you would rather pay for your images in person, write down the number(s)

of the image(s) and the size(s) you want, and contact us either by e-mail or

telephone to place your order.

The most commonly ordered sizes and items are listed.  However, if you need

an item or size not shown, please contact us -- we can probably get it!

Telephone:  704-986-0341

Email:  katrina@artisticlifephotography.com